Saturday, March 2, 2013

Top Rap Songs Right Now

Music is something which enlightens the mind and soul, a huge stress buster too. It comes in humongous varieties like pop, rock, trance, house, hip hop, rap etc. Some people have a thing for rap songs like that of Eminem, Sean Paul etc. The top rap songs right now is those of Eminem, Link in Park, Limp Bizkit, snoop dog etc. These types of songs are well suited when one is in ager or rage or aggression and can get a feel of it. The lyrics turn the mood up side down and give a rocking feel.
Top rap songs right now is very common among the young crowd and many folks enjoy to its tune. The genre of rap is generally hip hop and has awesome beats. Folks who are into hip hop etc definitely enjoy rap and memorize to their hearts and enjoy it to the core. Rap songs are played in various parties and clubs, though one cannot really shake a leg on these songs but definitely get into an euphoric mood and dip oneself into the music with complete surrender. The lord of rap is Eminem and has a huge fan following. His raps are worth listening to.
Talking of music dub step is one of the most common among the music fans. It is a type of electro beat which just makes body groove. The most played music in clubs and discs. The top ten dub step artists are Burial, Skream, Benga, Joker, Rusko, Excision, SPL, Pinch, N type, Matt U. These are the gods of electro music. Its music consists of amazing drum beats and overwhelming bass lines. The artists of dub steps are way too talented and their music composition raises the goose bumps with such awesome beats.
The music genre dub step was originated in London UK and since then its been he favorite of all. The top ten dub step artists have given many hits and have a huge fan following. The way they compose their music with the use of drum music and bass lines with electro beats it just makes one want to shake a leg and do not stop till the music stops. They have created a new set of music which is liked by many teenagers or adults, everybody likes this genre of music and play it in every even possible.They will hook up one lucky winner with two free tickets to the sold out show.

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