Saturday, March 2, 2013

Rap Song Writing

Rap song writing involves skills, ideologies, and musical background knowledge. Many people love listening to rap music and mostly refer to it as hip-hop. However, many like it due to the message and rhyming abilities. There is a lot of poetry used in rap song writing and you find most experts take tie mot create the message. Some prefer listing the direct message and have easy to flow tunes, while some choose proverbs, riddles that require one to find the deeper meaning.
However, some rap song-writing professionals do not take time to spread the message but rather focus on making the song famous. This is the reason why most rappers are not lasting long in musical charts. You will find some have many rap songs but do not give the positive impression to give them many fans. This writing requires skills since it is the art of expression, which explains the current situation one is facing in different subjects. This can be love, hardships, society, or religion, but placed in a rhythmical way to capture the attention of people.
Some writers choose songs based on the needs of rappers and others prefer writing their own creations and give a detailed description to the musician on areas they need to emphasize. Rap song writing is all about creativity hence the need for a musician or producer to choose a qualified and creative party. This means choosing words carefully to describe an entire situation. This means they should stick to main subject but institute different terminologies that are popular with rap songs.
This captures listener's attention and enables the artist to portray their intended message. In rap song writing, talent goes a long way, but experience generally wins out. The irony is that by the time many rappers have the experience, they are less marketable. These displaced rappers often become producers or rap ghostwriters.
Some have taken many years to attract global attention, while others are still in the learning process. These songwriters need to have different points of view when writing and creating music. They need to embrace current times, understand different topics, and have a memorizing flow.
Rap song writing involves different genres besides rapping. Some mix it with afro fusion and others with R&B. It takes good practice and skill to fuse different genres when writing and structuring songs and their hooks chorus. Having a good hook means listeners will sing to it and be able to master after hearing it just a couple times.

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