Saturday, March 2, 2013

Top 5 Weezer Songs

Weezer is probably one of the most important American rock acts of last 20 years, and their unique sound and sense of humor have won them legions of fans. We thought we'd do a run-down of our top 5 Weezer songs, and what we like about them.
5. Hash Pipe
With a chugging, relentless, and infectious central riff, a descending falsetto vocal during the verses, and an instantly catchy and memorable chorus refrain, 'Hash Pipe' is one of the most recognizable Weezer songs, as well as being quintessentially Weezer - the mix of the heavy and the quirky is a hallmark of their sound, and well represented here.
4. Say it Ain't So
Beneath the big, crunching chord-progression of the chorus, and Rivers Cuomo's sing-along-friendly chant, 'Say it Ain't So' is one of Weezer's most personal songs. A thoughtful expression of Cuomo's childhood fears about his stepfather, the song's melancholy undercurrent makes this one of Weezer's most thoughtful compositions.
3. Island in the Sun
In some ways 'Island in the Sun' is unmistakably Weezer, with sections dominated by crashing, crunching chords and vocals to match. But much of the song is a sleepy, dreamy track, drenched in sun-drunk lyrics and gentle, lilting guitar work. This contrast is one of the song's strengths, and the way the big chords give way to the song's beautiful central melody must rank as one of Weezer's greatest musical achievements. And special mention must go to the song's music video - Weezer plus cute animals! What's not to like?
2. Undone - The Sweater Song
'Undone - The Sweater Song', may not quite be Weezer's best song, but is one of their most loveable. It captures almost everything great about the band, from the mix of quiet, melodic guitar and heavy chorus-chords, to the sense that the apparently silly lyrics are hiding something more melancholy and profound.
1. Buddy Holly
If you ask people to name some Weezer songs, odds are the first on they'll come up with is 'Buddy Holly'. It's also likely that what they'll remember most about the song is its Happy Days-inspired video, which has become a classic, and remains a mainstay on music television and lists of 'all-time best videos'. However, to some extent the video has overshadowed the song, which is an absolute classic in its own right, and is a text-book example of how to write a great pop-rock song. The vocals are just so catchy, and the guitar lick in the final bridge is one of the most memorable of all time. So it had to be our number one.
And it has to be said... the video is pretty good.

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